So, You're Planning a Trip to Vancouver Island

You've made an excellent choice! Vancouver Island is an outdoor lover's paradise. Whether you are coming for the windswept rugged shores, the ancient cedar forests or the epic mountain peaks, Vancouver Island is going to knock your socks off! No matter your itinerary, you are bound to find adventure on these island shores.

Most people will snap photos and videos on their phones to capture their travel moments and memories, only to later find they don't truly reflect the beauty and grandeur of Vancouver Island.

This is where hiring a professional photographer to do a Vancouver Island photoshoot can help! Here are 3 reasons why you should book a Vancouver Island photoshoot during your travels.

3 Reasons Why You Should Book a Vancouver Island Travel Photoshoot

1 - It Puts YOU In The Photos

Why pay for a professional photographer when you can take as many photos and record as many videos as you want with your phone, right? Not quite. While phone snaps are wonderful fun memories that capture the little moments along the way, they don’t include one important element - YOU. You are not in the picture, having fun with the ones you love. A professional photographer makes sure that YOU are part of your travel story. Yes, you can lug around a tripod and get everyone to stand in front of the camera for that "everybody look at the camera and say cheese" photo, but these photos don't capture the spontaneous moments. The kicking your shoes off and running on the beach photos. The snuggling up in a blanket as you watch the sunset photos. Or, the wide-eyed-jaw-drops "look at that waterfall!" photos. These are the candid moments that a professional photographer can capture for you. With EVERYONE in the picture!

Vancouver Island Photographer | Vancouver Island Family Beach Photoshoot

2 - You Get Off the Beaten Path

Hiring a local Vancouver Island photographer means that you get a local's perspective. Locals know all the best hidden gems and how to avoid the crowds. They will probably take you somewhere new, somewhere you may not have on your travel itinerary, somewhere that takes your breath away and you would never have known about otherwise. They also will probably share travel tips with you and make recommendations about where to visit and what to avoid. Having that local knowledge and expertise is so valuable and adds so much to your travel experience!

Vancouver Island Travel Photographer | Vancouver Island Family Beach Photoshoot

3 - It's the Best Souvenir Out There

Yes, photos are a way of preserving this moment in time with the people you love, but your Vancouver Island photoshoot can also be a fun part of your travel experience! Your photo gallery will be a unique souvenir from your travels that is jampacked with memories and a much more sustainable option than any trinkets found in a giftshop. Your photos will last a lifetime and bring you back to your travel moments every time you look at them. You will be excited to share them with friends and family back home. It's photos you will proudly add to your travel album and hang on your wall.

Vancouver Island Photographer | Vancouver Island Engagement Photoshoot

Are You Ready to Book Your Vancouver Island Photoshoot?

I am a Vancouver Island photographer and I love meeting travelers from all over the world. I get ridiculously (and sometimes embarrassingly) excited about taking photos of people in the wilds of Vancouver Island! I get all swoony over beautiful light, moss covered rocks, cedar trees and where the mountains meets the sea. Getting to take your picture in these stunning landscapes is the icing on the cake!!

Showing you the magic of Vancouver Island is my specialty. If you want photos that not only capture your Vancouver Island adventures, but also put you in the frame, get you off the beaten path and make a unique souvenir then click that "Book a Session" button below. I'll start planning your Vancouver Island photoshoot today! I know just the spot...

Happy Adventuring,